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Every player in SWTOR wants the best gear possible and the use of augment slots can really upgrade an item. The augment system itself got an upgrade in patch SWTOR Augments Guide: Everything You Need to Know - VULKK.com In Star Wars: The Old Republic there are a number of ... These are used to create in your gear Augment Slots via ... Click on the “Add Augment Slot” button ... Swtor Adding Augment Slots to Gear

crafting/ Patch 1.3/ SWTOR. A look at the Augment Kits and Slots in 1.3. Dulfy 96 Comments Jun 6, 2012. Hey everyone, I am sure you all know by now that there is a new way to add augment slots to gear in 1.3. I am going to walk you through the process currently on PTS right now so you will be well prepared once 1.3 lands on the live servers.

Swtor Augment Recipe List The system of adding augment slots to gear in SWTOR underwent a radical transformation in patch You can purchase the recipe from your crew skill trainer.

Since I have 21 gear slots locked, I'd need 640 SC just to unlock the current gear ... on the internet until about 6 when I decided to see if I could get into SWTOR. ... and I started adding in Riftstalker for the Attack Power bonus and (eventual) ...

Swtor Augment Slot Upgrade - bikabogor.com Swtor Augment Slot Upgrade! I want to slot machine ke stazeni zdarma do mobilu make slot component stuff to swtor augment slot upgrade sell on the GTN.! It mean trucchi slot vlt novoline it's nearly swtor augment slot upgrade 24k for 1 MK-9 KIT..

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It is also worth noting that we will be adding a way to add an augment slots to existing modifiable armor in a future game update. The Old Republic Patch 1.3 live with group finder, ranked

Adding augment slots swtor

Dec 16, 2012 One thing that most Star Wars: The Old Republic players have in to add the Augment Slot to your gear using the Item Modification Table. Nov 29, 2011 I have been gathering data for mods for a couple of weeks. Common SWTOR Tech Problems · Tech Support Troubleshooting Guide · How . Quick orange gear question in SWTOR? | Yahoo Answers Regarding orange gear being crittable in 1.2, I make the following assumptions about gearing in 1.2 : - A player will have to loot "Tier 2 gloves" - He'll then craft a pair of orange gloves with augment (or have it crafted) - He'll move the mods in there Thereby, you'll only seek to loot... show more Regarding... Swtor Gear Modification SWTOR: Adaptive Gear Guide, used to help you level with mods as you go through the star wars universe.This video shows you how to add augment slots to your gear and the augment modification. Game Update 1.3: Allies | Star Wars: The Old Republic